the next leader of Indonesia..?

18 04 2009

I made a conversation with my friend in facebook about a week ago.. this is quite intrsting,,we talked about our (Indonesia) next leader after the result of quick count legislative election..SBY mean Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and JK mean Jusuf Kalla,,the incumbent President &Vice President.

fahmi : Its about democracy. From the result of quick count, most of people in Indonesia is likely agree and give a credit for the government of status quo right now,SBY & JK. The Democratic party & golkar party get around 20 % &14 %. Unfortunately there are many poll absention & trouble around eligible voter list (DPT) in legislative election. But I hope its not make the result of election doesnt get the legitimate itself

Joe Hanz : How long did U made those words,Pal?No,I’m just kidding,Bro.. Status quo?I don’t think so,everything needs to change,so are we,and our nation as well.Yes, I agree that our government now is quite good,but there’s still a hope to make it better,by changing of course. No matter who’ll lead us,it’s not about the man,but how he rule..

fahmi : I wasted my time to translated word DPT in english.. :p
anyway,,what the definition of changing itself?

Joe Hanz : Changing?Just make it simple,Dud..
To change means to make something different from what it was before,but here,for our nation,the changing we hope is a progression to something better,something better in each field,economic,politic,social,cultural,and so on. And to make it real,we need a leader who knows how to rule,not to make his own rule,and make his people as a priority, that’s what I hope. Someday,I’ll gonna be a leader,at least for my little family,he3

Joe Hanz : Now what?Still wanna complain?He3

fahmi : changing is a progress to make somethin better,,but we still in progress now..& I do believe that we are moving forward..

your little family..?

Joe hanz : Progress?
I think we’re walking without moving anywhere,I know it’s difficult to rule,especially for a president who’s in charge to rule millions citizens of his country with their each own act.
However,I do agree with our leader now,SBY πŸ™‚
but not for the vice-P
I like the party as well,.I like democrazy,oops..
I mean democracy,he3

fahmi : ha2…. what a funny,,like SBY,,but doesnt like JK..?
i think u should take a quiz capres manakah yg cocok dengan kamu? its had been added in my profile.
btw,,JK & sri mulyani are responsible for economic sector in Indonesia,,and i think is quite enough for them to made our economic still moving forward pal..

Joe Hanz : I like SBY because he’s basically comes from military.And U know what,he’s a history,he’s the one who got the highest mark ever,and no one beat his mark till now!His name’s curved in a statue in front of the gate of military academy.That’s why I trust him to rule us.
Ehm,economic,I can trust nobody,furthermore when someone get involved in politic,anyone can be a rat.I just need a leader who know how to rule well,without any debt,he3

fahmi :waw,,I knew it,,Akmil Magelang right..? beside SMU Taruna Nusantara..
debt always become the most problem in every developd country,includng our country..but the more important is how to manage our debt ,control inflation & keep growth economic.
u know, our country still have positive growth economic even in economic global crisis ..



5 responses

20 04 2009
sheinastya putri

adikq aku ada penghargaan buat kamu diambil ya di blogku…

mie said : wah,,makasih lho mba,,jdi terharu..hweehee..

22 04 2009

i just hope the best for our nation. i don’t care who will become the next leader. But he/she must care about his/her citizen.
go ahead indonesia !!!

mie said : yeah,,,I absolutely agree.. long live Indonesia…

24 04 2009

not bad jugalah JK.

dont you think SBY look like someone who have lead this country before? (military and also an artist)
he look beautifull

mie said: ha2… I think SBY look more beautifull than JK…
is JK can sing a song beatifully like SBY..? ho2…

28 04 2009

duh, ora mudeng nih. he he he….tks dah mampir ya ke blog aku.

2 05 2009

mbak ada award n pe-er juga neeehhhh dari aq……… ayo diambillll………

mie said : wah,,makasih awardna…. tapi kok dipanggil mbak seh… ak kan cowok tulen… ho2….

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