motion EJVED 2009

28 11 2009

Gk tw knpa banyak orang yg nyasar ke blog ku pas nyari info tentang EJVED 2009 di UM Malang Desember ntar.  Sebenernya ada rencana ikut jg sih.. tp ya tu tergantung da waktu m duit (utamanya) ho2… Tp kayana 85 % bakal ikutan…ho2..

anyway,,ni dia Motion nya,,since di milis indodebater error file motion nya…

1.  I Just Wanna Say I Do
* TH doesn’t need a marriage to have a family.
* THBT a marriage without a Bachelor Party is not a marriage.
* TH would say I do to George Michael and Elton John.
2. Our Neighbour Malaysia
* THBT would follow Sukarno’s way in handling Malaysia .
* TH would thank Malaysia for boosting up our nationalism.
* TH would criminalize “Indon”.

3.      Bail Out
* THBT no matter what it costs, Century Bank must be saved for the sake of Economic stabilization.
* THBT if we work on PNPM Mandiri program, we will have better economic development for the society.
* TH fails to see the importance of our new 2000 rupiah bills.

4.      Striking Fear into the Heart of Society
* THW spy the mosques.
* THBT terrorists should not be acknowledged of their human rights.
* TH would fear long beard and “Gamis” clothes.

5.      Environmental Awareness
* TH demands mineral water companies to take responsibility of their plastic glasses and bottles.
* TH regrets granting forest concession rights to indigenous tribes.
* TH would lease our forest for carbon trading


katanya sih ada motion impromptu jg,,

Thanx bwat Asti yg udah sempet bwat ngirim ke emailku…ho2…

See u theree folks…




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