The contents of this blog is opinions, articles, personal author, reviews of new things which are written back to the personal style of author. So, there is no guarantee that the contents of this blog is neutral, fair, and in accordance with the norms and values you hold .

The author is not responsible for the comment, trackback, and pingback from other parties. The contents of the writings of the parties doing comment, trackback and pingback is the responsibility of each.

To add information, the author includes cite or writings from other sources. The contents of the cite and writings from other sources are outside the responsibility of the author of this blog.


Readers have the right to quote all or part of the writing in this blog. the paper of author, the form of papers, articles, and academic tasks that include in this blog may be quoted in part or in full only for non-commercial purposes. The rights of the above can be done with the following requirements:

> Include a link to this blog’s address or the address of the cited article.

> For academic purposes, list the source of this blog address on the footnote.

If this blog looks at the content, writing style content relatively similar to the content of other blogs, please provide a reprimand, criticism and suggestions to email the author at mie@oe.its.ac.id The author will immediately apologize and put your web address with a note that content is really your original work.

cheers …



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