dapet Award & pe-er…

3 05 2009

Wah,,senangnya dapet award..dari mbak Ika.. tpi kok ada embel2 pe-er nya juga ya… mana tugas kuliah (especially for TPB)juga numpuk,laporan praktikum mekban blum ngerjain,eh ini ditambahin pe-er…heee…tpi gk pa2 kan udah dikasi award…

ni dia pe-er nya…:

1. Choose a singer/band/group : Blink 182 forever….heee…

2.Put The picture of your singer/band/group :

3.Answer using OnLY TITles os Songs by that singer/band/group :
I Miss u… I miss my family,my friends,everyone….

4. Male or female? : Male,,absolutely…

5. Describe yourself : me..? just like every ordinary boys.. I like play a game(RPG,simulation), love AC. Milan (Kaka,,stay with Milan please…We need u…ho2..), & sometimes my friend ask me “Mie,,dah punya cew blum…?” waks,,its bugging me…I dont care…

6. What people feel when they’re around you?
its a though question… i dunno..but, one of my friend said that I was unique person.. & the other always said :”Mie,,cew cantik tuh..ayo kejar…mumpung dia sndirian” damn,, am I look like ‘single forever guy’..?

7. How would you describe your previous relationship?
hueehe… I am single right now… n my prev retionship fortunately,it was my first luv..ho2…

8. Where would you want to be now :
my home,,Tegal city… with my familly…my brother who is getting final exam in his junior school…Ganbatte….! I always pray for u…

9.What your life like :
sometimes feel busy,sometimes feel lonely,sometimes feel empty…

10.What would you ask for if you had only one wish ?
I want me,my familly and my friends always feel happy with their life..

11.Say something wise..
I hope my brother will succeeded their final exam & graduated with max score which they can reach… Amien…

12. What do you think of your bestfriend?
hm,, I am a ‘nomaden’ person.. so, I have many friends in diffrent city.. when I was elementary in Magelang city, I have friend named Anggi Maulana Ciptadi..he is a uniqe person wtih a big line eyebrow..hee.. last time that I know he has been studying at STAN Jakarta.. Then Riki Riyanto, my friend in Bandung when I was junior high school.. a handsome n playboy person who always teach me how to get a girl.. hueehee…by him, I got my first love… thanks bro…. then when I moved to Tegal city in my Senior high school, I also have many friend who always help me.. there like Johan Hermawan, Deary Asril, Dinar Anggia ,etc… we have a same class in first grade..em,,then there is someone who always make me care bout her,,till now..but I thought she didnt respecting me..heee…

yah,,itu aja pe-er nya…trus slanjutnya ni ada beberapa orang yg “beruntung” mendapatkan pe-er dan award….

ni dia awardnya,,silahkan diambil…awardkepeduliaandankesetiakawanan1

trus Nominasinya adalah :
1. mbak Innes
2. mas syamsul
3. mas rahmat
4. fadhly

5. Beta
6. siapa aja yg mw awardna,,tpi ikut ngerjain pe-ernya jg…heee…

Good luck bro….