Special August

2 08 2010

welcome August..!

This august is very special and different with another August. Why?. I have several reason for that. There are an interesting fact about August 2010 and some event will come up this month. Hmm,,confuse? I ‘ll explain my case and you can bring your rebuttal later.. (just kidding folks..hehe..)

First thing first, as you know August 2010 is definitely different with another month. When you see through the calender and analyze the day, weeks, month, and years. This August completely different and unique.
There are :
5 Sundays
5 Mondays
5 Tuesdays
and thats all in one month. It happens once every 823 years.
And you know what? I will officially 21 th on 5 August. Huehee… 😉

In addition not only that 5 which make this month very special. There are so many events will come up this month.
There are :

1. Ramadhan, as you know, all moslem people in this universe will celebrate this month. the month full of bless and grace. We will have fasting for 30 days and conduct Ied mubarok in the end. its called the victory day (hari kemenangan)

2. Me with my friends will conduct ‘campus expo’ in Tegal. Its such kind of promotion for Senior high school (SMA) students to introduce our campus ITS (Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology). I hope many of them will join us.*chuckling and wink.. lebay ah…

4. Emm,, i hate for say this. But this month also the end for my holiday. *huufth.. And i didnt paid the SPP (charge for universities, paid every semester) yet..*forgot,,yok opo iki?

But, its okay,,it means i will back to Surabaya and meet my lovely friends and lecture there. *mekso ketemu dosen peg..
but you know what? i just spend about 3 weeks in Surabaya and i will back to my hometown due to day of Ied mubarok.hehe..

5. what else? what makes this august very special? No something else..but I who will definitely make this month becomes special.

Feel free to

join me ?